Well hello there, friends! Alex, here. I suppose you already know that, being here and all. Anywho, welcome! I play music! Predominately guitar though I dabble with other stringed instruments as well. I grew up in Colorado and currently reside in a little mountain town outside of Telluride, called Ophir. While music is my first and foremost pursuit I also derive an immense amount of satisfaction from playing outside, building things, writing about things, taking pictures of things, telling stories about things, wondering about things, laughing about things and working with kiddos. My outdoor pursuits involve riding bicycles, sliding down snowy mountains with things attached to my feet, running around on dirty trails, climbing up mountains and rocks and trees, sleeping under the stars, navigating rivers on giant, inflatable rubber tubes, descending really narrow sandstone canyons and jubilantly frolicking around this big, beautiful planet of ours. 

I'm a cuspy Sagittarious, I once tripped over my own elbow, and my favorite thing about being me is getting to share a bit of it with you all. My hope in sharing my music with the world is that it has the capacity to affect even some of the folks who engage with it as positively as it does me. It can be a bit whelming putting one's self out there this day and age with the outstanding abundance of truly good music to which we have access but apparently there's only one of me, or so I'm told. 

I hope you all enjoy this little snippet of me and my passion. Feel free to reach out via any channel that suits you. Hope to see you out there.